Community Based Work*

Across both UK and Australia I’ve developed work in communities outside of formal education and cultural organisations. As an artist I have undertaken this work through an ideological alignment of offering access to quality arts and cultural practice. Between 2004-2009 I co-ran a weekly class in South London for adults with learning disabilities.

From 2006-2010 I worked as an Architectural Associate with Fundamental Architectural Inclusion delivering workshops and consultation events with communities across East London. The aim of these programs was to engage and give people a voice in the transformation of East London in the build up to the 2012 Olympics.

More recently I have ran workshop in South Sydney through MHAD, Mental Health Arts Development. The work of small community based organisations is often done on a shoe string, with no ongoing resources and is significantly challenged in getting exposure to the wider arts community. As an artist I value the opportunity to work at the coal face, it’s stretching and rewarding work and can make a real difference in people’s lives – including mine.

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*I’m really uneasy about the term community based practice and the plethora of terms that are used to define this area of work. The ongoing need to categorise always seems to leave something outside or create blind spots.

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