It’s always hard to keep things bang up to date and I prefer to make art rather than post about it. For the most recent updates on my work it’s best to check out my instagram account:

JUNE 2020

My latest public mural “The Sky Has No Borders” created with Heaps Decent and young people of Wagga Wagga. A 26 metre print featuring audio video work embedded using AR technology.

MARCH 2020

Lansvale Pre-School Mural. Created during Nov./Dec 2019 in collaboration with students and staff as part of the Sydney Opera House Creative Leadership in Learning Program. Colour Print on Laminated Plastic, 5mx1.5m

OCT 2019

Storyweavers exhibition and workshop at the MCA. Students from Rivendell, Centennial Park and Woniora Road Schools led a printmaking activity with members of the public inspired by the harbour view from the Education Centre.

My Place Our Place created by student from Rivendell, Centennial Park and Woniora Road Schools across 2019. Single Screen, 14minutes

NOV 2018

Unicef Australia’s Report to The United Nations on The Rights Of The Child featuring artworks from two schools I’ve worked with. Victoria Avenue Public and Casula Public School.


SEPT 2018

I’m pleased to announce my latest commission: 

The Dream Maker’s Kiosk at Sydney Opera House. 

This work was created in collaboration with children and families of Lansvale Public School.It’s the first Creative Play holiday program designed by children for children.

Open daily to the public until Sunday 14th October, Western Foyer, Sydney Opera House. Artists are on hand to work with children and families.


IMG_1531.JPGMARCH 2018

Room13 books published soon!

Room13 Athelstane and Room 13 Woniora are entering their 5th consecutive year of practice. To mark this I’m publishing a book for each school. The books will cover projects, key themes and completed works across the past five years…..more to come!


NOV 2017

Storyweavers Project Rivendell School

Just completed a series of workshop and short film with staff and students of Rivendell School which is part of Concord Hospital Complex.RIVENDALE_EXPORT_still

SEPT 2017

Sydney Opera House: Creative Learning in Leadership

Have spent the last two school terms working with Liverpool Boys High School as part of Sydney Opera House’s Creative Learning in Leadership Program. Initially I led professional development with 6 teachers and then worked with a group of YR9 boys to create a short film looking at Sustainability. The completed work was screened at the Opera House for friends and family – was a great event very well received.

Below are a few stills from the film you can view the whole film on the Opera House’s Facebook Page

AUG 2017

Sydney University MBA

Just worked with MBA students on a module looking at Creativity and Business. My role was to support and guide the students to create a series of installation pieces at Redfern Town Hall. Given that most of the students hadn’t created anything artistic since leaving school it was a good event and a learning curve for me.


FEB 2017

Feature in BIG kids magazine

Our Australian Family Routes has just been featured in BIG kids magazine. It’s available to buy at the MCA or online. If you’re looking for an excellent guide to contemporary collaborative practice between artists and young people here it is! It’s also beautifully printed and would make a great present (I take no commission!…..;)

DEC 2016

Finally completed an epic edit of the Kokoda Trail undertaken last year with Lomandra School. It’s only taken me a year to complete! Soon be time to prep for 2017 trek/film….


SEPT 2016

I am pleased to announce that I have just completed my latest commission: Our Australian Family Routes at Casula Shopping Mall, Sydney, Australia. 
The artwork was co-created with YR.3 students of Casula Public School and is my largest print to date at a whopping 28 metres long. It has been commissioned by Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre to coincide with the Mall’s 30th Anniversary. This is their first large scale public art work. I’d like to thank the staff of Casula Public School, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Casula Mall and my install assistant and paste up artist Natalia Zajaz.
It was demanding install and has already been greeted with interest and comment from the visiting public.

MAY 2016

Room 13 Athelstane win Rockdale Sculpture By The Bay youth Award

$1000 !!!

check out posts on the Room13 blogsite

Sydney University Executive MBA:

Workshop with Prof. Michael Anderson of Sydney University looking at the role of creativity in business leadership. Feb. 2016

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  1. Thank you for having proceeded to re-write the name of Israel, but how come you did not add the name of Malta?
    Kind regards.


  2. Thanks for your post Giampiero and interest in the work. The text panel that accompanies the mural explains the countries listed are the countries of origin of the students not of the whole surrounding area of Casula which would be far more! After the original mural was printed it was brought to my attention that I missed out some countries of student origin so when I carried out the maintenance the other week it was an opportunity to add them in. I’m sorry but none of the students came from Malta!

    thanks again for your post

    best wishes



  3. Thanks for the explanation why Malta is not in the list of countries appear in the murals. Unfortunately Yesterday someone tried to erase even once again Israel despite you had put it very high, unfortunately fanaticism has no limits. I believe that we should not make winning the fanatics so, please, the name of Israel should restore again.
    Kind regards,

    Giampiero Pallotta


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